Welcome to our family!

At Kelly Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, family is more than just a part of our name — it’s how we approach everyone in our office, patients and staff alike. We love caring for your dental needs, but there is nothing we love better than to see you leave here smiling, knowing that we care for you as a person, too.

We invest in your health, your smile, and your overall health and well-being.

  • Stability in Care Providers: Continuity of care with our doctors and a longevity of loyal staff members help our patients build long-lasting relationships with our office that helps keep them at ease.
  • Comprehensive Care: The combination of cost-effective treatment with dynamic solutions ultimately leads to the complete dental health of our patients.
  • Digital Imaging: We utilize digital images and intraoral photography to help educate our patients so they can make an informed decision. Intraoral photography is a way for our patients to see what we see.
  • Digital X-rays: We offer a gentle and easy way to take digital dental X-rays. Our unique modern system makes it easy for anyone with a gag reflux or a smaller mouth, as well as children, to stay comfortable. Our patients always comment how simple and easy it is taking dental X-rays now.
  • Massage Chairs: A gentle massage during the appointment helps our patients enjoy the moment as they relax into comfort in our state-of-the-art dental chairs.

Patients return year after year, generation after generation, because they know our family business is one they can trust. It is a place where we know you by name. A place where customer service and dental excellence are a top priority.

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